Olga Kurylenko for ELLE Magazine Russia

~The actress talks about fashion preferences, her career plans and her favourite place in the world 

Former bond girls who are playing super sexy girlfriends-  not all actresses get this chance- Olga did, and these kind of girls get into a special and unique category . Olga faced international fame, acknowledged as sex symbol, and had a lot of proposals to participate in blockbusters. James Bond star, Olga Kurylenko participates every year in several box office hit films. 

In an exclusive interview with ELLE actress spoke about the ideal man, the facets of her talent and career dreams.

”In my mind the perfect guy, is someone who is funny and smart and must have a respect for women. 

The main secret of seduction is to look good. To look great you need to eat healthy and sleep well.  And in the afternoon you dont need make up, you only need to apply mascara on your eyelashes and lip gloss on your lips. In the evening you focus on the eyes, especially I love the 60’s style, a shade of black, brown or beige, and  you need a splash of perfume as well.  In general the main things are your health and and the shine in the eyes. 

A small silk handkerchief, is what is needed for any kind of occasion, which can complete any image. Most recently, I designed, a pale cream colour silk scarf -Baileys by Olga Kurylenko- it will save any woman when being in a situation where she has no accessories/bags on her.

I cannot imagine my wardrobe without any accessories. I am very fond of  large earrings.

Another thing i do not like is bulky items, that is why i would never wear shorts with tights. I prefer wearing clothes that emphasize the figure of a woman. 

In my purse you will always find an Elizabeth Arden Cream, which is good for any kind of purpose, to moister the lips, hands and nails. 

On my wish list at the moment there is just one thing, holidays with my friends and family. 

I also wished to be a part of a historical film, the action which takes place at the 17th and 18th centuries. It is fascinating how people could immerse themselves at that life. Basically I am attracted to images, where people moved and dressed differently than now. Once i had the opportunity to play in historical tape, at the period of World War I, though sadly as action is more popular nowadays, i have mostly played in modern movies. 

I like to reincarnate, to try out new roles. Each role leaves an experience behind. Just by being a Bond Girl, I have gained so many  skills, and I learned to do a lot of tricks. What i loved the most, is drifting – I still remember how to do this!

To my opinion the only negative thing of my work, is that i don’t have a permanent residence, as i am always on the road and sometimes this gets very difficult. 

My most beloved city is Paris, i associate that place with so many memories, as i began my career in Paris. 

I love breaks off my work, with quiet family or extreme sports. With the rest of my family and friends we usually make barbecue on the courtyard, watching films and relaxing or  going walks on the park. Recently, I went on a safari, i fed elephants, and stroked cheetahs. I also love to explore caves, mountain climbing and hiking. 

I adore, David Lynch Lars von Trier movies. If we are talking about the most recent film i have watched that would be ”Salt” with Angelina Jolie. The thing is i will play a very similar role with Angelina, so it was quite interesting to observe her character. 

Because of the lack of time i rarely listen to music, though if i had some time, i would have prefer to listen to a calm relaxing sound.

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