Olga Kurylenko Talks with Cosmopolitan Russia

Olga: ” We have to work as hard as we can ” 

Olga – actress Kurylenko and editor Sevastianova talked about the challenges that life throws to a modern woman, and how to combine tenderness with strength.

You are a very busy girl, so many things need time. Can you tell us the secret of how you can have a successful career and at the same time happy personal life? 

(Laughs) You want the truth? I dont want to disappoint you but it is very hard. My friends used to tell me that we only talk through Skype and WhatsApp. In order to have personal life you need to put up some restrictions, to work less or even stop.( thinks for a second) or you can choose a man that will follow you everywhere you go in this world. 

And If he is not interesting for you?

There are alot of examples of inspiring friends i have. If i myself, had a relationship with a writer, he could go anywhere in the world. 

Lets talk about careers! You recipe for efficiency

Again no miracles, you just have to work as hard as you can. Get up early in the morning and start by doing some chores, always find something to do and run, you stay up late and will not have much of a sleep. A day has 24 hours, allow yourself to rest only during sleep. 

How do you plan your work where are too many? 

I am a control freak. Every day, before i go to sleep, i write in my diary all the things i want to do the next day. As i write i remember more things to add, and the list goes on and on. It is important for me to do a plan, attend to all calendar appointments, and have a scedule for the day. i want to know exactly what to expect  the next day. I am not a last minute person. I begin to prepare my suitcase a week before i depart. I already know that i will forget a lot of things if i leave it on the last minute. 

How is your typical day? 

While i am on set, we have to get up at 4am in the morning, and until the next day we need to be on the set again. 

That is some schedule! and here we are complaining about long hardworking hours! Any exercise remains?

When filming action movies you have to be in a great physical state, so i get an extra hour of sleep instead of going and spending that hour to a gym 

Do you like life as it is today, an eternal marathon? 

Everyone seems to be well with what they have. One of my friends is married with children, and lives a very beautiful life,when i tell her that i too live an amazing life, she replied that she wants to the kind of life i have. She used to be a very successful model and now her career is over. So as it seems is impossible to do two things at the same time. But you cant be a superwoman and combine it all successfully . 

Maybe we should be able to delegate tasks? 

If you have a team who is ready to do anything for you then why not. But in my profession, it is impossible. I cannot bring someone on stage who can play my role. But if you are a head of a certain company. then it is your employees who are doing the most work, and you are the one leading the whole process, safely possessing shares. But this is not my case,an actor does real physical labour, no faitytales. 

But what about the time you devote for yourself?

While we were filming Impulse ( will be released in 2015) in South Africa, I managed to go for a massage at a spa, few times. We also went hiking, and mountain climbing. It is certainly difficult, but on the other hand is relaxing. You can breath fresh air and get distracted. We also went at a safari to see animals in their natural habitat. I love animals. let me just watch the wildlife. Generally, i try to do stuff in my life that give me joy and relaxation. When i do have some holiday i do a lot of walking. 

In addition to your career you have tried out as a designer as well. Tell us about your project Bailets by Olga Kurylenko 

I came up with the idea of making a designer scarf. I had to develop a pattern, and it was such a pleasure! I always draw some stuff here and there. 

In my opinion, ornament does not look like scribbles. Rather, drawing art decoration. What inspired you? 

A bottle of liquor is very creative( She laughs), Actually just sit and think about it, blend your design in with the project. 

What is the mood or subject you are trying to express?

I wanted to create a stylish scarf. But at the same time something feminine, modern like you and me. For us to be attractive, but also to look stronger than before. Have time to look for a career, look for a man to make a family with, and raise your children. How to cope with all these? with the scarf i have created, is an incredible way for women to cope with all at once. The main feature of a woman who will wear this scarf will be certainly, power. The silk should soften the image. I, myself always try to combine softness with hardness, and tenderness with confidence. 

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