2019 Post for the Vampire Academy Family

How is life #VAfamily? This is our first post for 2019. It has been quite a few years to post something, even if we have always being active on social media. Here, waiting, for the moment, when Vampire Academy will be given one more chance!

For those of you who have been here a while, you will probably know us, as one of the most loyal supporters of the series. We might have got quiet, because yes, life happens but we are here now and for as long as it needs to support our producers, Preger to the journey of bringing Vampire Academy.

We do not know what will be happening, but one thing is for certain, the producers are here and we only need to support them.

A series of pictures show they are here!  Lets support them by spreading the word about Vampire Academy.

Now, the post we have promised. The first post in our series of #VAMemories !!

See on the link below a series of tweets and posts from Pre-Production, During Production and the Wrap of filming to go down memory lane!!

Tweets and Posts from the Cast and Crew

Enjoy #VAfamily and enjoy the first post in our #VAmemories series. !!

With Love


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