EW Interview with Julie Plec

Vampire Academy is like modern day Bridgerton with vampires – Julie Plec


Julie goes on to explain that she has read the VA series before ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Twilight’. – “Always thought, ‘Gosh, one day I’d really love to work on a show like this.'” Julie says.

Credits to: Goodreads

“It’s a story about two young women who have been friends since the sandbox,” Plec says. “As they grow up and get closer to entering real society, what society dictates about what their roles are supposed to be threatens to put a wedge in the success of their friendship.”

“We talk in the writers’ room about how we really want to make sure that episodically we hit the friendship and the romance and the palace fun, but we also really want to have our kind of Game of Thrones palace intrigue,” Plec says. “I thought, ‘This is modern-day Bridgerton with vampires,'” she adds. “Who’s not going to want to see that?”

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