New Vampire Academy Set Photos

El Diario Vasco has shared some new Vampire Academy shooting photos! It is a highly-budgeted production, with six months of shooting the ten first episodes of the series, and with a large technical team. Yesterday there were three different units shooting scenes in Donostia, Viana and Pamplona. The filming of the series ‘Vampire Academy’ has movedContinue reading “New Vampire Academy Set Photos”

EW Interview with Julie Plec

Vampire Academy is like modern day Bridgerton with vampires – Julie Plec EW Julie goes on to explain that she has read the VA series before ‘The Vampire Diaries’ and ‘Twilight’. – “Always thought, ‘Gosh, one day I’d really love to work on a show like this.’” Julie says. “It’s a story about two youngContinue reading “EW Interview with Julie Plec”

The official cast of the VA TV Series

Hot News for the #VAfamily! The rumours were correct! We have an official VA series cast! Feel free to check the list below with character descriptions! Rose Hathaway – Sisi Stringer Character Description: A vampire-human hybrid known as a Dhampir. Fiery and outspoken, Rose is a true fighter in spirit and in practice. She alwaysContinue reading “The official cast of the VA TV Series”

Vampire Academy Returns to the Small Screen!

This is what we know so far: Julie Plec, the creator behind the ‘Vampire Diaries’ tv series and Marguerite MacIntyre, are now set to start a tv series at Peacock based on the ‘Vampire Academy’ novel series. Possibly the best news for 2021! And guess what? she is also a long term fan of theContinue reading “Vampire Academy Returns to the Small Screen!”

2019 Post for the Vampire Academy Family

How is life #VAfamily? This is our first post for 2019. It has been quite a few years to post something, even if we have always being active on social media. Here, waiting, for the moment, when Vampire Academy will be given one more chance! For those of you who have been here a while,Continue reading “2019 Post for the Vampire Academy Family”

Olga Kurylenko Talks with Cosmopolitan Russia

Olga: ” We have to work as hard as we can ”  Olga – actress Kurylenko and editor Sevastianova talked about the challenges that life throws to a modern woman, and how to combine tenderness with strength. You are a very busy girl, so many things need time. Can you tell us the secret ofContinue reading “Olga Kurylenko Talks with Cosmopolitan Russia”