MOVIE: Pre/During Production News

~For those who were not here while the Pre Production of Vampire Academy or those of us who wish to remember these amazing days, in the folders below you can find tweets, photos, facebook status of the cast, crew and team which all of the them worked so hard to make VA reality.

~The Actors (especially Dhampir roles)went through tough training, before the filming even started.

 ~Also you can check hoe OVAM used to tease us all with news, a year back when they where in a hunt for studio, script, cast. ~ We are all very proud for the hard work and dedication thats being going on behind the scenes, we owe them huge THANK YOU for everything they did!

~The Pre production training that the cast went through to get themselves ready for the actual filming.

      BTS Pics Posted by the Cast

~ During the actual filming, the cast and crew teased us with tweets and photos from the set of VA, and bts pics of themselves, the academy, scenes etc



~Here you can check tweets and status posted even before the set started, or even before we had studio and script. Back in 2012 where VA was in process of becoming a movie

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